Ondra Cenek


About me

I have been programming for 16 years, since I was a child I wanted to be a programmer, then it was games, I created several of them, now I am programming smaller websites and information systems.

I like to create logic, I also like to design and code the look. My favorite thing is the design of the database structure.

How I work

I only work from home as a self-employed person. I work continuously throughout the day, sometimes more, sometimes less, I try to complete tasks quickly according to priorities.

I mainly communicate in writing, because then I can read it again and search it. I use email, Skype, I have experience with Teamwork, Asana and Droptask task management programs. I don't like Slack, it's an overpriced sold out app. I am not a supporter of so-called stand-ups. When people have something to say, those who have something to say say it, I consider stand-ups a waste of time.

I only work at home with a powerful computer with two monitors, a comfortable keyboard and a mouse, I don't have a laptop, I don't like them, they are small, I feel very limited on them, I wouldn't allow myself to work on them for clients, because I look for the highest efficiency work.

I don't need a contract to work, I try to trust people. If I make a stupid mistake or learn something general while working, I don't charge the time. I do not give guarantees on the work, because every programmer makes mistakes, otherwise there would be no need for testers. I check the work one after the other, but due to the extensiveness of some information systems, it happens that even after several years some error appears.

I prefer to work alone, when the graphic design is done first, then the coder codes it and I do the functionality. I have experience both in creating websites without WordPress and with WordPress, but I don't like it, it's too slow for my taste. When you click on something, you have to wait a few seconds. I also have experience in creating websites that are so-called one page applications, but they are also often slow, either during normal display or extremely slow when debugging is turned on, then the work is a pain.

I comment the code only in extreme cases, when something seems unclear, I simply read the logic from the code, I don't want to read about it. I like to use long names of functions, variables to make everything clear, I put special emphasis on naming everything as it should be, because I am aware that if I don't spend the necessary time on it now, someone in the future might not like it and then the error for larger projects, it could be very difficult to fix.

Hour rate

Charging minute, invoicing a quarter of an hour.


Billing information